The Ocean’s Gateway

The world we live in while wondrous can be equally dangerous in respect of its nature and man’s fabrications. We currently live in a world where many of us are isolated from terrible situations and where many people are forced to make impossible choices every day because of tumultuous situations, situations where many choose hope and venture into the vast ocean because is safer than staying home. Sometimes people are forced to cross the vast ocean because it’s much safer than staying home. The people that are isolated from these situations often become desensitized after seeing terrible news over and over through a screen. With this project I would like for the viewer to leave their secure reality and put themselves in the refugees’ shoes, in the shoes of the natural disaster stricken family, and all of those people that has been displaced because of events that are out of their control. Furthermore, I would like to make their situations more intimate to the viewer by bringing attention to the small opening within the glass wave. This small opening reflects the small amount of time that these decisions often need to be made in. Making a decision of whether to stay or leave often has the urgency of needing for it to be done on a limited amount of time, for if you don’t make one quickly one might be made for you. With this small opening I would also like to reflect the feeling of self deprecation or feeling of insignificance often people face when going through these situations. Presently, we are living through some tumultuous times and there are many reasons why people would escape their homes, the more pronounced reasons in our current world are because of political unrest or even natural disasters.  What would you choose when faced with an impossible decision? For instance, deciding whether to stay in your native country that is being bombarded or escaping into the vast ocean via a simple boat? Do you stay or do you leave? Who comes with you? Who stays behind? Do you choose hope? The hope woven in our human nature.

Kilnformed, woven glass, stainless steel

22.5 x 8.75 x 9.5