​​Perla Segovia


From time immemorial humans have found their way to worship objects or beings. I understand that the constant repetition of worshipping anything inculcates sentimental attachment and in return trust and faith. This work is about my idea of the modern world’s most idiosyncratic idols and a futuristic representation of what happens when blind trust is involved. Why do humans even feel the need to worship? Is it part of the human condition? Is it a necessity when we are in need of something? I think it is safe to say that worshipping has been alive since when humans realized self worth and became aware of their surroundings and were introduced to the abstracts such as fear and hope.

In this project I’ve created a series of unconventional saints. These saints are your present day Jane and John Doe were over the years they have become idols of worship. They are worshiped for their vanity, indifference, resilience to climate change, their greed, unfaltering hate and support of guns, and even worshiped to keep poverty and illness away as if science and economy trends are irrelevant. I am a born and raised (non-practicing) Catholic of Inca descent, worship of the familiar and the unknown has been sewn with a gold thread into my genetics for millennia. Yet life experiences have led me to realize that I can use a seam ripper and make and break my own stitches. I was raised to not question what the priest said and to trust the church’s teachings blindly.  As an adult I have detached myself from many of those constraints and have allowed myself more leeway. I say many not all because as I write this, I can’t help but think of how others might think this work is sacrilegious. Also, I still find myself praying to Saint Michael the Archangel to defend us in battle and to Saint Francis to make me a channel of his peace and love. My intentions are not of disrespect but to bring awareness to the true intentions of one’s worship, is it greedy, is it self serving, is it misguided by others’ motives. I’m sure not always for I know it often brings comfort. The origin of these photographs are of a Catholic Church who during the Spanish viceroy imposed their beliefs on the local indigenous people. 

Digital composite - digital sculpture and digital photography