​​Perla Segovia

Hope 2017

One of our most important human traits is having the ability to hope. To be able to think ahead in an optimistic manner about our future, both earthly and spiritual, is to many of us the main essence that keeps up striving. Throughout our lives our hope is challenged, shaken, and sometimes even exhausted.  I chose to make this piece because my hope has been repeatedly bombarded and defied this year.  Humanity is at a crossroads and in my opinion hope’s driving force is the key to overcome most obstacles. If hope is not kept alive there is no light and darkness will take over. However, hope is not enough being aware of the origin of our tribulations is imperative. Most of the origins of the difficulties in our modern world are based on the lack of empathy for fellow humans, because of greed, because of racism, hate, weapons, disease, poverty, climate change and the denial of it. This indifference is the cancer of modern society. Furthermore, I believe it is imperative to be informed of the causes of evil because having an informed grasp of reality will enable us to have real hope, not a false distorted one.

I have chosen to represent the hope scenario of this year’s tribulations by reproducing Pandora’s Box opening. I used a mason jar to hold a replica of a baby girl because children are my hope and partial heirs of earth. The evils of the world are represented by an indifferent narcissistic woman, a racist gun fanatic, a greedy businessman, a woman fighting climate change, and a poor sick man. I chose the mason jar for three reasons, first the definition of jar was lost in translation and Pandora opened a jar not a box. Secondly, it represents the US the country that gave my family and I hope when we needed it, mason jars were invented and patented in the US. Third, they are meant to preserve and because of their glass nature they are fragile yet they still let light in, just like hope.

3D printed Z-ABS, Z-ULTRAT, stainless steel blade, glass mason jar

3 x 3 x 3'