Perla Segovia

"What I enjoy most about my work is the fact that everything I create inspires me to create something new.  Consequently, each one of my works becomes part of an endless chain reaction that sparks my curioisity and love for color and technique.  I hope you enjoy my work, that it sparks your curiosity and instills in you the desire to create." - Perla Segovia

Perla Segovia was born in Lima, Peru.  During her early childhood, she lived throughout Peru, from the big city to the mountainous rainforest, to the desert coast.  At the age of 10, she moved to the US with her family and lived in rural North Carolina. Perla's travels did not end in the US, after graduating from North Carolina State University she took a position as a handbag and shoe designer in Peru.  Here is where she immersed herself back in her native culture and got introduced to fused glass.  After a few years of living in Peru, Perla moved to Italy and traveled around Europe.  She learned Italian and became a certified modellista.  Perla has also lived in Puerto Rico, Utah, Missouri and now resides in Tucson, Arizona with her family.  Perla's love for travel plays a definite role in her curious nature which in return has played a big part in her artistic development.  Her designs are often influenced by colors found in nature and by the diverse landscapes and cultures she recalls from her travels.

Perla's professional training is in textile design, she holds a Bachelors of Science in Textile Technology from North Carolina State University.  She also holds a clothing pattern maker certificate from Istituto Callegari in Italy. Furthermore, she has extensively trained in the art of glass fusing and it is in this wonderfully manipulative medium where she incorporates her knowledge of weaving and patternmaking to make woven glass sculptures.

Perla is a true believer that continuing education is the key to success and has emerged herself in various fusing techniques at Art Glass Array, MO with renowned instructor Lisa Becker. She has also taken a relief glass casting workshop with instructor Patrick Blythe.  Furthermore, she’s the winner of The Textile Museum Green Art Contest for May 2011, and Ed Hoy's Hot Jewelry Artist Challenge Winner for 2011.  Her work was juried in the book "Addicted to Glass", edited by Kathy L. Augustine and to the 2014 North Carolina Artists Exhibition.

Currently, she designs and produces art work for juried exhibitions, art shows, and for commissioned requests for both residential and commercial locations.  She specializes in woven fused glass and traditional fused glass.  She has been a Heritage Arts instructor at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina and an instructor at Leland Cultural Arts Center in Leland, North Carolina.  Presently, Perla is enrolled at the University of Arizona and is further pursuing art studies.  Please visit her Facebook Page to get a glimpse of her wall sculptures, table sculptures, and art glass jewelry line. 

Some of Perla's professional affiliations include:

National Women's Caucus For Art

Wilmington Art Association

Artist BIO